Today, Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition (DRCC), hip hop artist Macklemore and civic leaders launched a major campaign to ensure a clean and healthy Duwamish River.

DRCC, Puget Soundkeeper, and a growing list of civic leaders insist a stronger cleanup plan is needed to protect our communities and restore Seattle’s only river.  Unfortunately the current cleanup plan favored by city and county officials does not get us back to a swimmable and fishable Duwamish River.  Dangerous levels of toxic chemicals like arsenic and PCBs would remain in the river under the existing cleanup plan, posing health risks to the community, wildlife and the entire Puget Sound food web. Experts agree more needs to be done. Read the full press release here. The new effort launched today asks citizens to get involved and let their leaders know they want a clean and safe Duwamish River.  People are encouraged to go to the new website and take action to protect Seattle’s only river.

The campaign features testimonials by Macklemore, Puget Soundkeeper Chris Wilke, Earth Day Founder Denis Hayes, numerous community members, families, longshoremen and former city Councilman Peter Steinbrueck. Members of the community are asked to take action and let their leaders know they want a clean and safe Duwamish.

Macklemore’s testimonial: “We are Seattle. No bridge, boundaries or invisible man-made lines divide us. This is our home, our people and our community. This is our city’s only river, and I want to do my part to make sure that it’s safe for all that reside here. I stand in solidarity with community leaders and families who have organized for years to right this injustice”.

Puget Soundkeeper Chris Wilke’s testimonial: “The Duwamish is my river. I have spent many a day cleaning debris from its shores, sharing its wonders with our community and fighting for its protection. If we were most anywhere else, THIS would be our waterfront. But for the Sound and the lakes, we forget: the Duwamish River is the lifeblood of Seattle. Salmon and people, eagles and osprey, seals and sea lions. It must be protected”.

What can you do?

Take Action today.

Learn more: visit enter to win a kayak trip with Macklemore!

Please share this effort with your networks! Use hash tag #riverforall