EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt wants to dismantle a rule that protects public waterways across the nation. This move would be devastating for fish, wildlife and the well-being of millions of Americans. Submit your comment today.

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I am writing to voice my opposition to the elimination of clean water protections for any waterbody. 

The EPA’s proposal to repeal the Clean Water Rule threatens fish and wildlife habitat, recreational use and drinking water for millions of Americans, and places important waterbodies in jeopardy. The plan to review and revise the definition of “Waters of the United States” is an attempt to gut the Clean Water Act that would lead to widespread degradation of waterways.

The EPA is responsible for protecting public health and our shared environmental resources. Eliminating clean water protections endangers everyone. Clean water supports healthy communities, jobs and industry, and recreation. I urge you to uphold the EPA’s mission to protect our waters from pollution and degradation. 

In 2015, the EPA finalized the Clean Water Rule, which provides the framework for the government to decide which waterways receive protection under the Clean Water Act. The rule was based on scientific input, public comment, and over a million comments from stakeholders. But in February, the Trump Administration signed an executive order directing EPA to repeal the Clean Water Rule and develop new guidelines substantially reducing protections for small streams and wetlands.

Last month, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt took the first step down that path, publishing a notice in the federal register of the agency’s intent to roll back the Clean Water Rule. This dangerous move threatens public health and safety. It endangers seasonal streams and wetlands that filter pollutants and prevent flooding, and it puts drinking water sources for over 100 million Americans at risk of contamination. 

Please give your input during the open public comment period and show the administration how much you value clean water. Tell the EPA to protect clean water.

Related: Puget Soundkeeper has an ongoing legal challenge along with the Sierra Club and Earthjustice to strengthen the Clean Water Rule to ensure that it truly protects the nation’s waters. We are committed to the strongest possible protections for waterways in Puget Sound and nationwide, and this attack on those protections is unacceptable.

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