Today as our nation celebrates President’s Day, we are keenly aware that the current administration in the White House actively denies the important issue of climate change and blocks critical progress to reduce carbon pollution. Because of this, the need for local and state-level action couldn’t be higher.

This year, we have a real chance for progress. Last week, the House of Representatives voted to pass a bill that increases carbon reduction goals in our state, affirming that we need to do more to deal with pollution driving climate change and ocean acidification.

Now the Senate has an opportunity to vote for solutions to carbon pollution that can help our state protect our air, water and public health.

Will you write your legislator today and tell them you want strong, equitable solutions to carbon pollution? 

Climate change threatens the health of our waterways and the people living here. Carbon pollution drives more extreme weather, which can cause dangerous floods and wildfires in our state. And it is a major contributor to ocean acidification. Puget Sound waters are acidifying faster than almost anywhere in the world, threatening our local fisheries and fishing economy. It’s time to reduce our carbon emissions and invest in clean energy solutions that protect those most impacted by pollution.

Our federal leadership is failing us on this issue, but our state can be a leader. Ask your legislators to act now to protect communities and waterways and ensure clean air and water for future generations.

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