This is not a position we take lightly. Never before have we asked your support for an appointed federal official to be removed from office. We work within the system whenever we can, by using public processes and testimony, the courts, and ultimately the court of public opinion to make change. Unfortunately we find ourselves now in a situation where the assaults on our environment and community health come so regularly that we are left with no choice. Our nation’s landmark environmental protections, often considered to be a beacon to the world, are being dismantled before our eyes and the trail back to the political power of special interests is more of a super highway.

In February of last year we asked supporters to speak up about the nomination of Scott Pruitt as EPA Administrator. We knew Pruitt was a disastrous choice then, and his actions over the past year have proven that he is reckless and unfit to lead the agency tasked with protecting public health and the environment. Congress must take action to remove Scott Pruitt from his role.

Just this week Pruitt proposed a rule that would drastically limit the use of science in EPA decisions, and he is working to roll back Clean Water Act protections for millions of Americans. Pruitt prioritizes the wishes of polluters and corporations over clean air and water. During his first seven months as EPA Administrator, Pruitt met with representatives from the industries that EPA is supposed to regulate 25 times more than with representatives from environmental groups.

Pruitt is under multiple investigations for unethical behavior since taking the position at EPA. He has misappropriated Safe Drinking Water Act emergency funds to give hefty raises to his closest deputies despite the White House denying his request, and reassigned or demoted dedicated EPA career officials who questioned his misuse of agency resources. He is also being investigated for misusing taxpayer dollars.

Enough is enough. It’s past time for Pruitt to go. The leader of the EPA must uphold the agency’s mission to protect our communities from pollution. Contact your Members of Congress and ask them to take action to remove Scott Pruitt from his role as EPA Administrator.

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