Elected leaders in the Salish Sea must resist Kinder Morgan’s dangerous oil pipeline and tanker proposal. This proposed expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline from the Alberta Tar Sands to the Salish Sea would be even larger than the much-maligned Keystone XL pipeline and would transport massive quantities of one of the world’s dirtiest fuels to our shores and through our shared waters. But there is still time to stop it.

Ina a bold move, British Columbia Premier John Horgan has vowed to stop Kinder Morgan, but he faces increasing pressure from the Canadian federal government and Prime Minister Trudeau. Premier Horgan’s staunch position supports the First Nations’ opposition and represents the many B.C. residents who emphatically oppose the new pipeline.

Thankfully, Governor Inslee has supported Premier Horgan’s position. With Kinder Morgan’s decision expected on May 31 on the future of the project, now is a critical time for him to speak up and send a clear message to protect the Salish Sea.

Send a message to Governor Inslee to tell him that Washington is united against dirty tar sands oil and the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline!

Washingtonians would be directly impacted by this project, as all oil tanker traffic from the facility must travel through our shared Salish Sea waters. The Kinder Morgan pipeline carries dirty tar sands oil, which has massive climate change impacts and which is nearly impossible to clean up in the event of a spill. And the proposed expansion would mean a seven-fold increase in Kinder Morgan tankers traveling through the Salish Sea, endangering fisheries, tribal treaty rights, and our native salmon and orca populations.

Please ask our Governor to lead with Premier Horgan, and voice his opposition loud and clear.

Washington leadership must honor U.S. Tribal Treaties, support First Nations’ sovereignty and represent Washington opposition to this project.

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