Help #SaveTheCleanWaterAct

The Trump Administration’s proposal to gut the Clean Water Act would seek to redefine Waters of the United States (WOTUS), significantly reducing the number of waterways protected under the Clean Water Act. Trump’s Dirty Water Rule would give free rein to polluters to dump chemicals or animal waste into small streams and wetlands.  This proposed rollback on federal protections would destroy thousands of acres of wetlands and push imperiled species like our wild salmon and resident Orca closer to extinction.

The Clean Water Act is foundational to our work at Puget Soundkeeper and to environmental protections in the U.S., as it gives us legal standing to file citizens’ suits on your behalf to stop illegal pollution. It also recognizes the interconnectedness of our waters and prevents waterways from being filled in or paved over. Many waterways currently protected by the Clean Water Act would be left defenseless under Trump’s proposed Dirty Water Rule.

Join Puget Soundkeeper in Submitting Public Comment

Comments must be received on or before April 15, 2019.

If you’re ready to submit public comment and are familiar with the EPA online system, the link is here.  Otherwise, we invite you to join our WOTUS Webinar (Date TBD) to learn more about the Clean Water Act, what’s at stake, and how to amplify your voice to impact policy change. Please check back for updates, letter templates, and talking points.

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Please join us in fighting for the heart of the Clean Water Act by filing a comment opposing this rule.

Alongside other Waterkeeper groups and allies across the country, we are building the strongest possible case to defeat this misguided proposal before it is finalized.

Our resolve is strong. Our mission is clear. 

We’ll fight with all we have to protect clean water for salmon, orca whales, and the health of our communities.

With your help, we will win.