We’re Only as Healthy As Our Earth: Apple State Vinegar’s New Product Supports Digestion ​and​ the Environment

Sometimes it can feel as if modern life is constantly challenging both our bodies and the land we live on. If only there was a magical potion we could drink to ease the toll that the stress of a fast-paced life takes on our health… and while we can’t claim that Apple State Vinegar’s new raw organic apple cider vinegar will cure all that ails you, it does contain a powerful living culture that supports digestive well-being. Apple State Vinegar also knows that human health and environmental health are inextricably linked, which is why they give 6% of profits to support marine life.

America has a lot to offer – beautiful natural wildernesses, vibrant cities, and a mixing pot of cultures and languages. But something that’s unfortunately all-too-American? The Standard American Diet, also known as SAD. And yes, it’s pretty sad – excess consumption of red meat, processed foods, and refined sugar can lead to a series of health complications that include poor digestion. And since poor digestion itself has been linked to a number of chronic conditions, it’s important to take care of your gut – having a balanced and diverse microbiome is essential for overall health and well-being. Because raw apple cider vinegar contains the Mother (a cloud of pre- and pro-biotic rich bacteria), it can be an important component of maintaining a thriving gut ecosystem.

But thriving ecosystems extend far beyond our own individual selves. As humans, we depend on land and sea for survival. At Apple State Vinegar, we consider it our responsibility and our honor to give back to those beautiful natural wildernesses that we love so much. Being based in Washington, we feel especially passionate about supporting organizations like The SeaDoc Society, SR3, and Puget Soundkeeper that are committed to protecting and restoring the health of the Salish Sea and our resident orca whales.

Apple cider vinegar can also enhance your natural beauty routine as a shampoo or face wash replacement! If you’re curious about how raw apple cider vinegar can spice up your cooking, drinking, and digestive health, trust your gut and look no further – Apple State Vinegar can be purchased both retail and wholesale at applestatevinegar.com, where you can also find resources for good stewardship of the Earth.