Can we eat the fish? Where have oil spills occurred? What about toxic cleanup sites, combined sewer discharges, salmon runs and shellfish areas? Puget Soundkeeper’s interactive mapping tool allows you to explore water quality, habitat, and current issues impacting the health of our watershed.


This mapping tool is designed for informational purposes only. While we do our best to keep information current, this map is not updated in real time. Do not use this tool to make decisions on anything that may affect your personal health or safety.


Use the Mapping Tool

Soundkeeper sincerely thanks the Keta Legacy Foundation for funding this project and HaxGeo Community Mapping Solutions for collaborating to design and build the mapping tool. 

Our interactive mapping tool enables users to view data related to wildlife habitats, human health, shellfish harvests, water quality, and Soundkeeper’s ongoing work to protect and preserve the Puget Sound watershed. You can also add reports to this map. If you see pollution, clean up a beach near you, or observe interesting wildlife or habitat, please add it to the mapping tool!

Soundkeeper hopes this tool will help residents learn about water quality issues in their part of Puget Sound.  Research from the Puget Sound Partnership suggests that a majority of people still believe that Puget Sound is healthy and does not suffer from pollution; this map locates obvious sources and areas of pollution, demonstrates why pollution prevention is important, and highlights what we may lose if we don’t succeed.  Please take some time to explore and let us know what you think!

Water quality or fish consumption information on this site may be incomplete or out of date. The links below will take you to more up-to-date information from public agencies that are charged with protecting your health and our environment, but this may not be a complete list of available resources.

For more information about the data shown, including the source and date of the last update, please contact us at or (206) 297-7002.