Seattle, Washington Jun 20, 2012

WHAT: Clean and Fishable Waters Day – To celebrate and activate support for clean, fishable waters, and to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act which was enacted in 1972 to ensure fishable and swimmable waters around the nation.

Free fly fishing clinic on the pier with expert instructors. Beginners welcome.

Many Puget Sound area waters are closed to fishing for conservation  or human health reasons. The Clean Water Act, if fully implemented, will help restore abundant, clean and fishable waters in Puget Sound and around the country.

Excellent photo opportunities of fly fishing on the pier with the Olympic Mountains  serving as a natural backdrop. Excellent weather is expected on Thursday!

WHEN: Thursday, June 21st 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

WHERE: Seattle Waterfront – Pier 62/63

MORE INFO: Puget Soundkeeper Chris Wilke will  speak about Puget Sound waterways and the health impacts of fishing in our region.

“Fish Tale” Contest:  Tell us your Puget Sound fish story and enter to win a Puget Sound fishing trip!  More great prizes from Emerald Water Anglers, Avid Angler and others.