Our Strategies

We accomplish our mission by actively patrolling the waters of Puget Sound, enforcing the Clean Water Act, engaging with businesses, government, agencies and community members, and pursuing strong policy and proactive solutions to the problem of toxic pollution.

Monitoring and Enforcement

Puget Soundkeeper is on the water every week, year round. We patrol Puget Sound and its tributaries looking for illegal pollution and enforce the Clean Water Act, working to bring polluters into compliance with the law and represent the rights of the community.

Policy and Civic Engagement

Soundkeeper is deeply engaged in conversations around policy changes that impact the Sound, and we strive to provide the best and most current information to our members. We tackle complex issues that need thoughtful solutions.

Education and Stewardship

Soundkeeper partners with businesses, government and individuals to stop pollution before it enters Puget Sound. We work to raise awareness and encourage responsible stewardship of the waterways we call home.