Support our mission by becoming a Clean Water partner and Soundkeeper Sponsor!

Does your office team want to head out on the water or waterfront for team-building? Does your corporate foundation support community partners? Do you want to find other ways to have your group, club, company, or team join with us in clean water stewardship? Contact our staff team by completing this form to initiate your partnership opportunity with Soundkeeper.

Available June, July, and August 2024 sponsorship dates:

June 13 and 18

July 9, 16, and 19

August 6, 8, and 29

Opportunity: Marine Debris Program & Cleanups

Puget Soundkeeper’s marine debris cleanup events mobilize hundreds of volunteers on foot, kayak, and boat to remove thousands of pounds of trash, and plastic pollution from our local waterways.

Cleanup Program sponsors contribute to the stunning beaches, rivers, and streams that define the Puget Sound.

Please complete this form to contact us about a cleanup or a waterfront educational tour (a “walk-and-talk”)!

Opportunity: Kayaking Excursions

The nose of a red kayak points toward the South Lake Union skyline

Puget Soundkeeper leads weekly kayak excursions – most regularly on Lake Union’s iconic working waterfront. Dedicated volunteers join us for an unforgettable team-building experience, cleaning waterways and shorelines that are otherwise inaccessible from land. Soundkeeper kayak adventures often provide participants with their first experience in a kayak and are an unmissable way to connect folks to their local waters.

Kayak Cleanup Sponsors support one of Soundkeeper’s most sought-after and highly visible volunteer programs.

Please complete this form to chat with our team about having your team head out on the water, or to support Soundkeeper’s kayaktivism!

Opportunity: Salute to the Sound Gala

September 21, 2024

A Soundkeeper program is displayed on a table at a gala

Soundkeeper’s annual Salute to the Sound Gala and Auction takes place at Bell Harbor International Conference Center, in Seattle. Join us in September to celebrate our 40th year!

Gala sponsors will enjoy recognition of support and access to a vibrant community of activists.

Contact Teresa Nelson, Soundkeeper’s Development Director, for current gala sponsorship opportunities.

A group of people stand shoulder to shoulder, lifting their trash pickers up toward the sky

Current Partners: