Your support is needed in Olympia to help protect Puget Sound from oil spills. 

Please urge your representatives to approve the Oil Transportation Safety Act – HB2347!


Please email or call your local representative to support this fast-moving bill.  A floor vote in the Washington State House of Representatives could happen as soon as Friday morning!

Oil transportation is increasing in Washington State by rail, pipeline and tank vessels due to the rapidly-increasing exploitation of Bakken oil reserves in North Dakota and Tar Sands oil in Alberta.  Washington State and Puget Sound are quickly becoming a leading portal for this dangerous fuel in quantities far beyond our needs, and we are not fully prepared to protect our waterways and communities.  And the industry has plans for much, much more coming through our area.

This is dangerous cargo: A single spill from a tanker, barge, pipeline or rail car could result in the largest oil spill we have seen in years, and the industry’s track record is not good. In the last 6 months, numerous pipeline and oil-by-rail incidents across North America have led to spills, explosions and damage to our environment. Some incidents have even resulted in evacuations and/or the loss of life.

HB2347 will improve prevention, preparedness and public disclosure of the risks, so our state can better prevent and prepare for something we hope will never happen – a catastrophic spill in Puget Sound.
We need your help today to protect our waters and communities. Please take a moment today to call your Representatives urging them to vote YES on HB 2347.

(House of Representatives phone numbers and emails for your district can be found at:, or you can call 800-562-6000 for listings).

Simple phone message (best):

“I urge Representative ____ to vote yes on HB 2347, the Oil Transportation Safety Act. This bill is critical to ensure tools and resources to protect our community, our livelihoods and waterways from oil spills.”

Simple email message:

Dear Rep. _______,
Subject: Please vote yes on the Oil Transportation Safety Act HB2347

Please move this bill forward, it is critical to protecting our state from oil spills.  From rail lines, to shipping lanes, to our communities and our rivers and beaches, expanded transport of Bakken crude will dramatically increase our risk of a catastrophic spill.  We need more information, better prevention and preparedness to address this threat.

 Thank you.

 ___________ (your name here)

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