In the time since November 8 we have already seen dramatic ways that a new federal administration may jeopardize fragile progress in the fight to protect and recover Puget Sound. From climate change deniers to fossil fuel industry lobbyists being floated for top positions, the course being set is clear, and it is not one that has the interests of those who care about Puget Sound at heart.

Clean water is essential to all life, and we all understand this on a fundamental level. Every day Puget Soundkeeper fights for your right to clean water. This right belongs to all — no matter your age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or immigration status. And under a new administration, Soundkeeper will need to grow and reinforce our efforts to protect Puget Sound residents and our iconic waterways from pollution and degradation that threatens the fragile resources we all depend on.

This will not be easy. Soundkeeper is deeply concerned for the future of many essential environmental regulations going forward. As always, we will use every tool available to hold the federal government accountable for protecting clean water, and we will be watching closely to defend against threats to the Clean Water Act and other laws that protect our waters from harm. We will continue to work locally to ensure the protection of Puget Sound and the community it sustains.

As part of the Waterkeeper Alliance, Puget Soundkeeper belongs to a global network of more than 300 organizations fighting for clean water around the world. Our collective voice is more powerful than ever, and with your support we will defend swimmable, fishable and drinkable waters in our communities.

Thank you for standing with us.