Climate change is a threat to the health of our waters, communities, and economy. Initiative 1631, the Protect Washington Act, is a chance for our state to take action. Backed by a diverse coalition of groups across the state representing workers, businesses, families, health professionals, communities of color, and environmental advocates, this initiative will create living-wage jobs by investing in clean energy, healthy forests, and clean water.

“What will I-1631 invest in? Expanding renewable power generation from wind and solar. Restoring and protecting water sources, estuaries, fisheries, and marine shorelines, reducing flood risk, improving infrastructure for treating stormwater, preparing for sea-level rise and addressing ocean acidification. We’ll improve forest health and enhance preparedness for wildfires. Dedicated funds will assist low-income residents to ensure affordable energy, and support workers that may be displaced by the transition from fossil fuels to energy independence. All this means thousands of family-wage jobs across our state. Our policy also ensures public oversight and accountability for making good investments.” — Cascadia Weekly

Climate change is a major contributor to ocean acidification, which has impacted the waters of Puget Sound already. Our waterways are acidifying faster than almost anywhere in the world, threatening local fisheries and the fishing economy. It’s past time to take action, and although federal leadership is failing on this issue, our state can do the right thing. The Protect Washington Act puts us on a path of positive change, rooted in solutions that will protect the communities most impacted by climate change and environmental harms and put equity and justice first.

To get involved or find out more, visit the campaign online.