Puget Soundkeeper’s San Juan Island Marine Debris Project aims to remove harmful marine pollution from the shores and waters of the iconic San Juan Islands.  With the help of Aquatic Research and Monitoring’s 34 foot long landing craft, The Voyager, we’re able to patrol San Juan Island waters to remove harmful debris. In our latest cleanup on September 1st, we collected 1,011 pounds of trash from the islands and waterways. This included 452 pounds of Hauser rope, 5 double and single styrofoam tires, and a 55 gallon plastic drum. Staff had to use a hacksaw for the rope and picked up a considerable amount of tiny pieces of styrofoam found on the beach.

As you may know, styrofoam food container products are one of the top 10 most frequently found items on beach and stream cleanups worldwide. Soundkeeper will continue to advocate in the State Legislature to limit the sale and distribution of Styrofoam products in Washingon. 

Specials thanks to Washington Department of Natural ResourcesFishAmerica Foundation, and Brunswick for their support in this project!