At Puget Soundkeeper, we leverage three core strategies to help protect clean water every day: stewardship and engagement, policy advocacy, and Clean Water Act enforcement. Our work—much like our democracy—cannot succeed without the participation and support of community members like you. 

Our country is a representative democracy. We’re empowered to elect representatives who will, in turn, represent our interests. With this power comes the responsibility to vote, and to vote responsibly. Your vote is your voice, articulating the America you want to see. 

Washington State’s mid-term primary election is going on now: July 15 was the start of an 18-day voting period through Election Day, which is August 2.  

You should have received your ballot in the mail if you’re registered to vote. It looks like this:  


Have you returned your ballot yet?

The clock is ticking! The deadline to drop off your completed ballot to vote is August 2. Find your nearest ballot dropbox location here:  

Please note that Washington law entitles you to drop off your ballot and the ballot of other registered voters without interference, harassment, or intimidation.  

Need a ballot?

Make sure you’re registered, register for the first time, or correct your information here:

Many hands make light work!

Soundkeeper is asking all our members, supporters, and volunteers to GET OUT THE VOTE! Tufts College estimated that in 2020, 58% of eligible youth ages 18–29 voted in Washington State—a dramatic increase from past years. Pledge to talk to one younger person (age 18–29) in your network about the importance of voting, help them get registered, and ask them to commit to vote. From Baby Boomers to Gen Zoomers, everyone’s vote is vital.

We live in a time of constant and escalating crises, but we’re digging our heels in against hopelessness. Local engagement matters and has real impact and consequences for our shared resources. Please keep in mind that Puget Soundkeeper is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. We are prohibited from engaging in partisan political activity so we cannot tell you whether to vote Republican or Democrat, or who to vote for. We encourage you to do your research, and we hope that the links and reminders in this post are helpful.