Puget Soundkeeper is proud to announce the Salmon & Legacy Debris website launch! This new website is available in your language, with translations in Spanish, Vietnamese, and Somali. It helps users find tire waste and debris information all in one spot, alongside helpful resources for common forms of water pollution.

Soundkeeper addresses tire pollution through legislative advocacy—including successfully securing funding for waste tire study and tire removal—as well as hands-on activities.

Map and Pollution Reporting

Do you live in the Duwamish Valley and its surrounding neighborhoods? Take a closer look at debris locations in your neighborhood and find out where waste tires show up in your waterways and community.

Two volunteers stand shoulder to shoulder as they lift up a tire they recently removed from Lake Washington.

Tires and 6PPD-quinone

Looking for the latest research on tire pollution and the tire derivative chemical 6PPD-quinone? Check out our resources page for information on tire recycling, state and federal research, salmon mortality, and more.

Why does this project focus on tire waste? Because tires create toxic pollution that enters our waterways and harms human health and aquatic life. Learn more about how Puget Soundkeeper is tracking coho salmon mortality.

Community Involvement

Join a community cleanup and help care for your river! Soundkeeper needs volunteers to help us remove debris and address legacy pollution in the Green-Duwamish River.

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