The mission of Puget Soundkeeper is to protect and preserve the waters of Puget Sound.

We accomplish our mission by actively patrolling the waters of Puget Sound and monitoring for pollution, enforcing the Clean Water Act through legal action, engaging with businesses, government, agencies and citizens, and pursuing strong policy and proactive solutions to the problem of toxic pollution.

A group of Soundkeeper staff and volunteers during the 2013 12 Rivers project.


Monitoring (3)

Monitoring and Enforcement

Puget Soundkeeper is on the water every week looking for pollution and enforcing the Clean Water Act. Using kayaks and the Soundkeeper boat, we patrol Puget Sound and its tributaries looking for illegal discharges, oil spills, and other forms of pollution. Soundkeeper enforces the Clean Water Act through citizen lawsuits against the most egregious polluters, with the goal of negotiating settlements that bring polluters into compliance with the law.  Read more about our monitoring and enforcement activities.

Soundkeeper also maintains a pollution hotline and reports all pollution incidents to the appropriate agencies. Use our easy form to report pollution online or call 1-800-42PUGET.


Policy and Civic EngagementSoundkeeper Chris Wilke and Staff Attorney Katelyn Kinn at the Washington State Legislature in Olympia.

Soundkeeper is deeply engaged in conversations around policy changes that impact the Sound, and we strive to provide the best and most current information to our members. We tackle complex issues that need thoughtful, science-based solutions.


A volunteer cleans up trash from the Golden Gardens beach.

Pollution Prevention

Soundkeeper partners with businesses, government and individuals to stop pollution before it enters Puget Sound. Through waterway cleanups, outreach to the marine community, and participation in EnviroStars, a business certification program, we work to raise awareness and encourage responsible stewardship of the waterways we call home.