Tag: Clean Water Act

Puget Soundkeeper, Suquamish Tribe, and Washington Environmental Council announce plan to sue U.S. Navy

BREMERTON – Today the Washington Environmental Council, Suquamish Tribe, and Puget Soundkeeper issued a Notice of Intent to Sue the United States Navy for Clean Water Act violations. The Navy has been scraping the hull of a mothballed aircraft carrier in Sinclair Inlet just outside Bremerton, WA, disregarding pollution-control measures and without obtaining a discharge permit from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Ecology’s CAFO water permit sacrifices public health, drinking water, shellfish beds

Faced with the opportunity to protect Washingtonians from industrial agriculture pollution, Ecology failed to address the four major sources of pollution from CAFOs: land application, lagoons, compost areas and animal pens. Instead, Ecology issued a problematic, two-tiered permit scheme that fails to protect our most fundamental natural resource–clean water.