Tag: Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund

Puget Soundkeeper settles major Clean Water Act case protecting Elliott Bay

Today Puget Soundkeeper settled a landmark Clean Water Act case with multiple Louis Dreyfus corporations that will result in huge changes benefitting Elliott Bay and the Seattle waterfront. The settlement requires structural changes at the site to stop stormwater discharge from the pier and to prevent spillage of grain into Elliott Bay, as well as $699,000 to be awarded to local Puget Sound restoration and water protection efforts.

Protecting the Duwamish River: Puget Soundkeeper resolves Clean Water Act case against BP

In a settlement agreement filed today, BP West Coast Products LLC (BP) agreed to comply with its industrial stormwater discharge permit and make improvements to the spill response strategy for its high-volume bulk fuel storage facility on Harbor Island, which distributes 10,000 barrels a day of unleaded gasoline and stores up to 305,000 barrels of gasoline on site.