June 20, 2014

Kathryn Davis: (206) 297-7002 or

Seattle, WASH: Northwest-area residents can now find out which freshwater and saltwater beaches are safe for swimming with the updated Waterkeeper SWIMGuide app. Puget Soundkeeper Alliance (Soundkeeper) is releasing the update just in time for summer to alert beachgoers about potential dangers while also raising awareness about pollution issues.

The updated SWIMGuide app enables users to find out about beach closures and historic water quality issues, and is also a convenient way to discover new locations. It can be downloaded to your Apple iOS or Android device and accessed online.

“The SWIMGuide is a great way to connect with your local waterway or public beach,” said Kathryn Davis, Stewardship Coordinator for Soundkeeper. “You might even find new beaches to check out.” The app also features relevant information about public access, amenities and links to images at selected locations.

The original SWIMGuide app, released in 2012 under license from Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, only provided information on marine waters for the Puget Sound area, so the new feature will speak to the needs of those who favor freshwater lakes and rivers for swimming (initially available only in the Seattle/King County area).  The SWIMGuide also includes an important feature that allows users to report pollution through the app directly to Soundkeeper’s pollution investigation team, supporting efforts to protect water quality in the Pacific Northwest.

The Waterkeeper SWIMGuide aggregates local data from licensed Waterkeeper groups throughout North America, allowing users to access water quality information across the United States and Canada to see which beaches are closed due to pollution.  The Waterkeeper Alliance is a coalition of 220 water protection groups worldwide, each one based in a specific watershed. To download or find out more about the SWIMGuide, visit, or select the free download directly from your mobile device via the App Store or Google Play.

“We are thrilled to be part of the Waterkeeper SWIMGuide team”, said Chris Wilke, Puget Soundkeeper and Executive Director. “Clean, swimmable waters is one of the most important values for protecting our environment.” Celebrating its 30th year, Puget Soundkeeper Alliance is the locally-licensed Waterkeeper group for the Puget Sound area, and a founding member of Waterkeeper Alliance, with a mission to protect and preserve Puget Sound by monitoring cleaning up and preventing pollutants from the waters of the Sound.

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