Don't Drip and Drive Ad

Have you heard about Don’t Drip and Drive? This summer, we are participating in a campaign to test 10,000 vehicles for engine leaks and  providing owners incentives to get their leaks fixed!

Oil, coolant, and other toxic fluids often find their way out of cars and into the street, where they wash directly into our waterways. These pollutants are a threat to wildlife and people, and some leaks may damage the car engine as well. Getting a leak fixed isn’t the most glamorous way to spend your afternoon, but think of it as an act of heroism – you’re doing your part to reduce the estimated 7 million quarts of oil wash into Puget Sound every year.

The largest leak in the world! Found at Lake Sammamish State Park.

And Soundkeeper is here to help! We’re setting up events all over the Puget Sound region and giving every driver a coupon for a free leak inspection and up to $50 off a repair at participating mechanic shops throughout Washington.

Want to join the leak testing team? We’ve got a lot more events coming up. All our volunteers get a stainless steel water bottle, and those who give over 6 hours also receive a Discover Pass! Head over to our Events Page to sign up as a volunteer, or use the form below if you don’t have a specific event in mind. If you’re a business and want to host a Don’t Drip and Drive event at your space, you can also sign up to participate below.

Contact Kathryn (206) 297-7002 with additional questions.

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