Join us for a fun and engaging Advocacy 101 workshop series, focusing on plastic pollution problems and policy strategies.

If you’re in the Puget Sound region and:

  • You care about the global plastics pollution crisis and want to learn how to help;
  • You’ve joined Puget Soundkeeper on cleanups and at events, but want to deepen your engagement;
  • You’re curious to learn more about effective advocacy for clean water, and how to influence legislation generally;

then our Advocacy 101 workshop series is for you! Five events will be held approximately every other Thursday between October 6th and December 8th, culminating in a live and in-person session on writing and giving public testimony.

We engaged over 100 supporters and volunteers during our 2021 Advocacy 101 workshops. We refined and improved our program this year, and hope you’ll join us to deepen your understanding of clean water policy.

The events in this series are cumulative, but drop-ins are welcome. No prior policy, law, organizing, or lobbying experience is necessary!

Thursday 10/6/22

Zoom (5-6pm)

Our Plastics Pollution Crisis: How You Can Help Turn Off the Plastics Tap

The first workshop in our 2023 Advocacy series will introduce Puget Soundkeeper’s Ambassador Program, and then dive into the plastic pollution problem and strategies to solve it. We’ll examine past Soundkeeper plastics wins and other current relevant legislation across the US, and end with an introduction to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).

Thursday 10/20/22

Zoom (5-6pm)

Bills, Laws, and Representatives: Understanding the Legislative Process

Are you interested in environmental policy, legislative strategy, and building skills for grassroots power, this is the workshop for you. Join us for the second workshop in our five-part Advocacy 101 series. We’ll give a recap of the first event, provide a civics refresher on the branches of government and how a bill becomes a law, and then dive into a live demo on how to identify and contact your representatives.

Thursday 11/3/22

Zoom (5-6pm)

Make Producers Pay: What is EPR?

We’ll look closely at Extended Producer Responsibility during the third workshop in our Advocacy 101 series. What is Extended Producer Responsibility? EPR offers solutions for green jobs, equitable access to recycling, truth in advertising, incentives to promote the use of recyclable and compostable packaging materials, and more. You’ll definitely want to attend this session if you’re considering joining Washington Waterkeepers for our 2023 Lobby Week!

Thursday 11/17/22

Zoom (5-6pm)

Lobbying is Not a Dirty Word: Raise Your Voice for Clean Water

This Advocacy 101 workshop will recap the previous three topics: plastics pollution, how a bill becomes a law, and Extended Producer Responsibility. Then, we’ll discuss how to use advocacy and public testimony to its fullest advantage during the legislative process, and give participants and preview of what they can expect to learn during our Lobby Week 2023 training!

Thursday 12/8/22

In Person (5-6pm)

Putting it All Together: Advocacy in Action

The culminating event in our Advocacy 101 series takes place at the Puget Soundkeeper office in North Queen Anne (unless capacity requires us to reserve a room elsewhere). Doors will open at 4:30pm, and we’ll serve drinks and light snacks. 

This low-pressure session includes instruction on how to prepare a one-page, three-minute piece of public testimony on a plastics policy topic, followed by a writing session. We will close out with participants presenting their testimony live to the group!  

Participants who attend at least 3 out of 5 events are eligible to join our Ambassador Program, and participants who attend all 3 or more events are eligible for the following free swag items:

  • 3 events = a free PSK branded beanie or ballcap
  • 4 events = a free PSK branded beanie or ballcap, plus Octo magnets
  • 5 events = a free PSK Octo-T-shirt (sizes range from S – XL)