Marine debris is an emerging global threat to our waterways. Trash washes into rivers, lakes and oceans from littering, dumping, and inadequate waste management infrastructure, and 90 percent of it is plastic. Plastic breaks into smaller and smaller pieces, but never biodegrades. These tiny pieces can be mistaken as food by wildlife, entangle animals, accumulate toxic chemicals, and threaten public health.

You can help stop the flow of plastic to our shared waters! By taking the Plastic Pledge, you commit to staying informed about this issue, taking steps to help prevent marine debris and encouraging solutions that protect people and the environment.

How you can help

  1. Join a shoreline cleanup or host your own
  2. Reduce your consumption of single-use plastics
  3. Promote innovation of green technologies
  4. Support policies that protect clean water and reduce waste

Take the Plastic Pledge!