Citizen lawsuits or the good intentions of a few enlightened people alone won’t improve the health of Puget Sound. It takes a cooperative effort of practical, positive communication with concerned stakeholders to arrive at the solutions required to protect our waterways.

Over the more than twenty years of the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance’s existence, we have participated as active advocates for Puget Sound in many different forums, ranging from stakeholder groups to the Governor’s Puget Sound Council.

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Noteworthy Examples

Soundkeeper staff are members of:

  • The Puget Sound Partnership ECO Net, a Puget Sound-wide network that builds and strengthens relationships among organizations working in Puget Sound.
  • The Pacific Oil Spill Prevention Education Team (POSPET) which coordinates boater education, spill reporting and other pollution prevention efforts from California to Alaska (including British Columbia).
  • The Marine Conservation Network, which helps facilitate mutual awareness, cooperation and action among organizations dedicated to recovering and conserving the Puget Sound environment.

Soundkeeper also participated in the Industrial Stormwater Monitoring Study Advisory Committee, which analyzed stormwater data collected by industrial permit holders since 2003, in order to determine pollution limits for the new Industrial Stormwater General Permit due out in December 2007.

Soundkeeper is an active member of the Environmental Caucus, created in 2006 to advise the Governor’s Puget Sound Partnership on how to recover Puget Sound by 2020.  The focus of PSA’s input is on stormwater regulation, Clean Water Act enforcement and new stormwater and source control technologies.

Other involvements include: