Citizen lawsuits and the good intentions of a few enlightened people alone won’t improve the health of Puget Sound. It takes a cooperative effort of practical, positive communication with concerned stakeholders to arrive at the solutions required to protect our waterways.

Over the more than thirty years of the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance’s existence, we have advocated for Puget Sound in many different forums, ranging from stakeholder groups to the Governor’s Puget Sound Council. Our advocacy includes:

  • Participating in federal and state administrative rulemaking processes
  • Participating in federal and state administrative permitting processes
  • Providing public testimony and comments to local and state boards, commissions and officials, and to our state and federal environmental agencies and elected officials
  • Organizing and participating in stakeholder groups and roundtables with agencies and elected officials at the local, state and federal level
  • Leading and supporting grassroots coalitions on specific policy campaigns

Your voice can make a difference. See our current actions. 

Soundkeeper works with a number of agency and nonprofit partners to advance the health of Puget Sound. Our collaborative work includes: