During the 2024–2025 cleanup season (Spring to Fall), Soundkeeper will prioritize the Duwamish River Valley for legacy tire cleanup and large debris removal.

Do you want plug into this project directly? Are you a Duwamish Valley resident or business owner who would like to get involved? We want to hear from you! Click the button below to complete our project interest form and connect with a Soundkeeper staff member.

Legacy tire debris embedded in the mud of the Green-Duwamish River.

“Legacy debris” refers to trash and other discarded objects that remain in the environment for a long time. This debris is an ongoing source of pollution, is unsightly and dangerous to people and wildlife, and can attract additional debris.

The visual impact of large and legacy debris is obvious, but these objects also leave a chemical legacy that is invisible to eye. Tires release contaminants like polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), phthalates, sulfenamides, heavy metals, and many other chemicals, as well as 6PPD-quinone. Tire manufacturers added the preservative 6PPD to tires beginning in the 1960s. It prevents ozonation, but when 6PPD degrades, it creates 6PPD-quinone, a lethally toxic substance for coho salmon and other fish.

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